Our 5th Annual Summer Stroll was a big hit again this year. With umbrella stands set up all up and down the street, and blessed by gorgeous weather again (hey, we're just a lucky town), hundreds of local folks came out to hear music, drink, eat, and shop.


This year's beneficiary was the Housatonic Valley Association's "River Smart" program to help keep clean our very own East Aspetuck River, which starts at New Preston Falls. The event raised $2,000 through your purchase of raffle tickets.

The raffle winners of $100 Gift Certificates to each business in town are:

Ellen Giddins for New Preston Kitchen Goods
Julie Hollander for Sweeets
Nick Sedelnik for Dawn Hill Antiques
Maria Campbell for County Wine & Spirits
Marie Schwartz for J. Seitz & Co.
Barbara Kohn for D.K. Schulman Design
Nana Greller for Privet House
Jean Parks for The Smithy
Lisa Stuart for Pergola Home
Linda Ansanelli for 9 Main Cafe
Dawn Pasqum for Upstairs Antiques
Shannon Wheller for The White Horse Pub



 Privet Lives  

Privet House presents Privet Lives

In the little jewel box of a shop next door, Privet has opened a new iteration of their high-style sensibility. Privet Lives is a "collaborative concept space that will play host to a rotation of highly coveted brands, designers, artisans, and artists.

First up: a summer-long collaboration with wanderlust, designer, artist, and textile maven Madeline Weinrib. The granddaughter of ABC Carpet & Home founder Max Weinrib, Madeline continues in the family tradition with her innovative collection of hand-crafted carpets and decorative textiles.

Privet Lives is brimming with Madeline Weinrib's bold, graphic handwoven cotton flatweave rugs, cotton and silk pillows based on contemporary reinterpretations of traditional ikat and blockprint designs, as well as a selection of clutches, tunics and caftans.




Pergola presents Handmade Japanese Wallpaper from Kyoto

Pergola has introduced (for the first time in this country) a new program of elegantly designed "washi" wallpapers from Kiso Studios of Kyoto. Blocks of color and texture, hand-painted or -stained with vegetable dyes and nikawa; young persimmons with tannins (kakishibu); or coated with layers of Japanese lacquer (urushi).

Samples have been installed on several walls at Pergola. In the process, they discovered it's incredibly easy to install using conventional papering methods. Washi offers a luxurious and long-lasting accent to one wall, to doors or cabinetry faces, or to an entire room.

Handmade Japanese "washi" paper in (roughly) 36 x 40" blocks, each sheet overlapping left to right to show the live edge, can be installed to perfection by their iinstaller.



Upstairs Antiques  

Upstairs Antiques presents Antique Wicker

James Butterworth and Michael Donovan have devoted their adult life to collecting, restoring and selling the finest examples of historic American wicker available today. Their ever-changing collection includes the best examples of handmade Victorian, Bar Harbor, Art Deco and Stick Wicker much of it made by the Heyward Wakefield Company of Gardiner, MA from 1870-1930.

At Antique Wicker and Garden on the 2nd floor above Dawn Hill Antiques James and Michael have created a cozy world to walk into, replete with suites of wicker including matching teacarts, console and coffee tables as well drinks stands and plant stands. They have added other elementsllfrom the early part of this century including colorful hooked rugs and custom lamps and shades designed around antique elements.



  New Preston Kitchen Goods

New Preston Kitchen Goods presents Dame Chinois

Marty's sense of style at NPKG is formidable, often a little tongue-in-cheek, and always perfectly practical. For outdoor entertaining, it doesn't get more elegant this season (or less precious) than these classic blue on white Chinoiserie patterns.

Here, Jill Fenichell of Brooklyn's Bongenre translates 19th c. porcelain designs to unbreakable melamine! Dame Chinois represents a departure from the "French Country" styles of melamine that have been popular for the last five years, stepping it up to a more formal English style.

Pair them with polycarbonate stemware from Le Cadeaux and vinyl placemats from Chilewich for poolside dining as elegant as anything indoors.




The Smithy presents CT Juice

How local does it get? Howard at The Smithy spends all his time these days creating and bottling Nature's healthiest ingredients, all from local sources, just for you. And the smart label design is as appealing as what's inside!

CT Juice’s 100% organic vegetables and fruits are cold-pressed to preserve vitamins, trace minerals, vital nutrients and enzymes. This method of extraction doesn't heat, oxidize or degrade the ingredients, keeping all nutrients and enzymes intact. Each bottle contains 3 pounds (!!) of raw organic local produce. Unlike "store bought" brands, these juices are not pasteurized; they are alive, and with proper refrigeration will maintain their nutritional stability for 72 hours after being pressed. The result is pure, delicious juices loaded with healing nutrients for your body.



  J. Seitz & Co.

J. Seitz & Co. presents Upcycled Materials

Now showcased at Seitz & Co, a new collection of artisan-made furniture celebrates Mother Nature herself. Using recycled wood and metal as well as naturally finished cement, a group of young designers keep an ecological focus while creating mirrors, consoles, and accent tables.

Clean lines, weathered finishes, natural texture - add thier bench-made Belgian linen upholstery and the result is a room we all want to be in!